15 Feb 2021

Over 150 participants gathered for the 1st virtual ENVRI week

Every year, the ENVRI community gathers in so-called ENVRI week, a week dedicated to Environmental Research Infrastructures. It hosts ENVRI-FAIR project related sessions as well as several other sessions targeting different groups of stakeholders. This year was no exception. Even though we had to deal with the uneasy circumstances caused by the COVID-19 epidemic and meet virtually, we had a very successful meeting with over 150 participants. The sessions were organized on the Zoom platform that enabled presentations of the work progress and lively discussions about the future developments, and the virtual networking tool Wonder, which allowed us to meet and have more informal chats in smaller groups.

The ENVRI week, regardless of being organized virtually, again proved there is a great community spirit, a lot of motivation, and new fresh ideas in ENVRI. We want to thank all of you who participated, presented, and contributed to very fruitful discussions this week. Thank you and see you, hopefully in person, in 2022.

Main results of the ENVRI week 2021

  • Definition and implementation of Task Forces was a crucial step forward and developed into a successful tool for the further development of the work plans;
  • Subdomains are all on the right path with FAIRness implementation plans being well developed and harmonized;
  • Alignment between subdomain work packages and task forces works very well;
  • Interoperability of subdomain technical solutions at the cluster level is put into the focus of the ENVRI co-design strategy.

In the next phase of the project:

  • Continue the FAIRness implementation work at the Research Infrastructure and subdomain level;
  • Start the implementation of the ENVRI-Hub demonstrator as the ENVRI virtual platform;
  • Enhance the interaction between the ENVRI Knowledge Base and subdomains;
  • Prepare sustainability concepts for all elements of the ENVRI-Hub.


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