The Aerosol, Clouds and Trace Gases
Research Infrastructure

Exploring the atmosphere

The Aerosol, Clouds and Trace Gases Research Infrastructure (ACTRIS) is a pan-European research infrastructure producing high-quality data and information on short-lived atmospheric constituents and on the processes leading to the variability of these constituents in natural and controlled atmospheres.

ACTRIS is key to supporting scientific advances in the field of atmospheric research

ACTRIS helps us respond to the grand challenges faced by our society by enabling a deeper
understanding of atmospheric processes, improving our resilience to climate change, and air quality, and
contributing to reducing the effects of air pollution on public health and eco systems.



This meeting is organized within the context of ENVRI-FAIR. The aim of the workshop is to focus on the implementation of FAIRness on RI level, discuss implementation and challenges and work with roadmap to demonstrate FAIRness.

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The workshop on workflow tools for interactions between the Topical Centres, Data Centre and National Facilities will be held on 15 December 2020.

The workshop is open to ACTRIS members and it is part of ACTRIS IMP project Task 4.2 Refinement and implementation of workflow tools for interactions between the Topical Centres, Data Centre and National Facilities.

The 14th Interim ACTRIS Council (IAC13) Meeting will be organized on 16-17 Dec 2020 as a virtual meeting.

More information available here.

Take the chance to have a say in the development of ACTRIS services by sharing your experience and your views on the access to ACTRIS services and/or on ACTRIS-private sector collaboration!

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On Tuesday, November 3rd 2020, the European Commission released the evaluations and funding decisions of the applications to the INFRAIA-03-2020 call. ATMO-ACCESS is among the projects that were funded.

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ACTRIS IMP launches the first call for proposals to access its facilities. ACTRIS IMP offers limited opportunities for free-of-charge transnational access to specific services at 11 ACTRIS facilities comprising Topical Centres (TCs), the Data Centre (DC), National Facilities (NFs), or combined ACTRIS Facilities (NF-TC), located in 10 different countries.

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ACTRIS first virtual community meeting took place during 26.-28.10.2020. ACTRIS Week was the first event to gather ACTRIS Community and update on ACTRIS progresses, including the outcomes of the first 10 months of the ACTRIS IMP project.

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As part of its efforts to better engage its community, ACTRIS has selected Trust-IT Services to upgrade and enhance its web portal.

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