02 Mar 2021

The Interim ACTRIS Head Office is happy to share some good news related to the development of the research infrastructure.
ACTRIS is now proceeding with the process towards becoming a European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC). It is foreseen that ACTRIS ERIC will be in place at the end of the year 2021.

The 15th Interim ACTRIS Council (IAC15) meeting was held successfully online on 1-2 March 2021. Denmark joined the meeting as an observer country – welcome on board to IAC! 

The main meeting outcome was the approval of the necessary documents for setting up ACTRIS ERIC. 
The following documents were approved:

  • ACTRIS ERIC Statutes
  • ACTRIS Scientific and Technical Description (TSD)
  • ACTRIS 5-year Financial plan
  • ACTRIS Membership contributions 

The IAC also acknowledged the maturity of ACTRIS Internal Financial Rules (IFR). 

Furthermore, the IAC mandated Finland to start the official ministerial signature round necessary to proceed to a formal application to the European Commission. We wish to thank IAC delegates and the whole ACTRIS Community for their contributions to reaching this milestone. This is a great achievement!
The next IAC meeting is planned to be held in June 2021.


•    ERIC – European Research Infrastructure consortium is a specific legal form that facilitates the establishment and operation of European Research Infrastructures. Find more...

•    The statutory seat of the ACTRIS ERIC will be in Finland and its Head Office will be located in Finland and in Italy.

•    Interim ACTRIS Council (IAC) - The highest decision-making body of ACTRIS before the ACTRIS ERIC is established. The IAC consist of representatives from 18 countries (16 members and 2 observers).  Find more...