29 Jun 2021



From June 22nd to 24th 2021, the EUROCHAMP-2020 final meeting took place. Due to the COVID restrictions, the simulations chambers community could only meeting online, but this did not prevent to perfectly summarize more than a decade of fruitful collaborations and networking. 

The community was formed almost 15 years ago, with the first EUROCHAMP project (2004-2009), followed by EUROCHAMP-2 (2009-2013). The latest EUROCHAMP-2020 project allowed the completion of a fully integrated infrastructure of simulations chambers in Europe, with standard procedures for the inter-usage of the different chambers, and able to provide users with access services and with a wide database of experimental chamber data and advanced analytical resources.

Only during the last 5 years, EUROCHAMP-2020 allowed almost 400 users to access our simulation chambers and calibration centres, to perform experiments and to test instrumentation. Eleven companies could make use of unique instrumentation for technological innovation through the transnational access programme, and many more collaborated locally with the members of our community. 

During the final meeting, the legacy of the EUROCHAMP community was particularly discussed. Our infrastructure will be fully integrated into the ACTRIS RI, ensuring a long-term sustainability of our work; access to our facilities will be guaranteed in the next future through the new access programme of ATMO-ACCESS.