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OUR objectives

The main objectives of ACTRIS are:

  • to provide information on the 4D-variability and of the physical, optical and chemical properties of short-lived atmospheric constituents, from the surface throughout the troposphere to the stratosphere, with the required level of precision, coherence and integration;
  • to provide information and understanding on the atmospheric processes driving the formation, transformation and removal of short-lived atmospheric constituents;
  • to provide efficient open access to ACTRIS data and services and the means to more effectively use the complex and multi-scale ACTRIS products;
  • to ensure raise the level of technology used in the RI and the quality of services offered to the community of users, involving partners from the private sector; and
  • to promote training of operators and users and enhance linkage between research, education and innovation in the field of atmospheric science.
Primary goal of ACTRIS is to produce high quality integrated datasets in the area of atmospheric sciences and provide services, including access to instrumented platforms, tailored for scientific and technological usage.