Open Call

Open Call to access ACTRIS Services

ACTRIS IMP launches the first call for proposals to access its facilities. ACTRIS IMP offers limited opportunities for free-of-charge transnational access to specific services at 11 ACTRIS facilities comprising Topical Centres (TCs), the Data Centre (DC), National Facilities (NFs), or combined ACTRIS Facilities (NF-TC), located in 10 different countries.

Due to covid-19 measures and constraints on physical mobility, the TNA pilot call particularly encourages projects via remote access  !


Go to the TNA page for more information.

Access is offered to specific services:

  • Central processing of aerosol lidar data at ACRIS DC-ARES
  • Central processing of remote sensing FTIR data at CDPS-FTIR
  • Scientific exploration at SMEAR II
  • Scientific exploration at JFJ
  • Scientific exploration at Cabauw
  • Scientific exploration at SBO
  • Scientific exploration at USRL
  • Scientific exploration at ACD-C/OGTAC-CC
  • Scientific exploration at SAPHIR-CiGas-FZJ
  • Scientific exploration at EUPHORE
  • Photometer calibration and maintenance at CARS-ASP-FR
  • Photometer upgrading for mobile application at CARS-ASP-FR
  • Technological development and testing at SMEAR II
  • Technological development and testing at Cabauw
  • Cloud radar calibration at Cabauw-CCRES
  • Technological development and testing at SBO
  • Technological development and testing at USRL
  • Technological development and testing at ACD-C/OGTAC-CC
  • Technological development and testing at SAPHIR-CiGas-FZJ
  • Technological development and testing at EUPHORE
  • Prototype testing
  • Technological and/or joint developments
  • Industrial applications

Training services are available at the 11 facilities 

Timeline of the call :

Publication date:  November 5, 2020

Extended deadline: January 14, 2021

Access period: March – December 2021

due to COVID-19 we may adjust and provide for some  flexibility on the indicated dates