National Facilities

ACTRIS National Facilities (NFs) comprise Observational and Exploratory Platforms, both within Europe and at selected global sites.

ACTRIS NFs provide users with physical access to state-of-the-art, well-characterised and versatile facilities.


Why ACTRIS National Facilities are the heart of atmospheric scientific excellence?
  • NFs support long-term observations and research related to atmospheric aerosol, clouds and reactive trace gases
  • NFs are committed to long-term operation
  • NFs are operated by personnel with identified expertise in running the platforms
  • Instrumentation follows the recommendations and is approved by the Topical Centres
  • Measurement methodologies and procedures are compliant with the standards of calibration, operation and quality assurance defined by the Topical Centres
  • Data are made available to users through the ACTRIS Data Centre
  • NFs can provide physical access for users, if respective capacity and expertise is proven
  • NFs follow specific technical requirements

Observational Platforms

ACTRIS Observational Platforms are fixed ground-based stations delivering long-term high-quality data on a regular schedule and common operation standards by applying state-of-the-art remote-sensing and in situ measurement techniques. 


Exploratory Platforms

ACTRIS Exploratory Platforms are atmospheric simulation chambers, laboratory platforms and mobile platforms that perform dedicated experiments and contribute data on atmospheric constituents.